Definitions for "Stabilizer "
A substance added to mead, usually ascorbic acid, that prevents oxidation.
An ingredient added to some plastics, to maintain physical and chemical properties throughout processing and service life.
A substance that makes a mixture more stable. Antioxidants and antiozonants are examples of stabilizers; stabilizers are added to paints to prevent the components of the mixture from separating over time.
A retractable arm located below the waterline mid-ship, which can be extended to help reduce the ship's roll in rougher sea conditions
a retractable fin extending into the water on either side of the vessel to ensure smooth sailing.
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any of the fixed vanes that keep an airplane steady in flight
A bar that is mounted to the front of the bow to help steady bow and absorb some of the shock
A weight mounted on a bow to minimize undesirable torque of the bow string upon release.
Alternative to fixer where permanence is not required. Used in automatic processing machines and can now provide prints that will not deteriorate noticeably over many months if kept away from strong light.
A chemical additive that helps maintain solution or drug stability.
An additive used to prevent chemical breakdowns of paints.
A surface that helps to provide longitudinal stability for an aircraft, stability in pitch
A surface that helps to provide stability for an aircraft. An airplane has two stabilizers: a vertical stabilizer and a horizontal stabilizer. Stabilizers are like the feathers on an arrow, which keep the arrow pointed in the right direction.
airfoil consisting of a device for stabilizing an aircraft
a device for making something stable
Special resin-containing solvent used in basecoat color to lower viscosity helping in metallic control and recoat times.
An ingredient that makes a product more stable by keeping it from losing its viscosity, separating,or becoming rancid.
Woven and non-woven material used underneath the item or fabric being embroidered to provide support and stability. Can be hooped with the item, or placed between the machine throat plate and the hooped garment. Available in various weights and in two basic types: cutaway and tearaway. Also referred to as Backing.
A backing used to support embroidery work. It comes in a variety of types, weights and colors and can be temporary or permanent to the garment.
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The Stabilizer bug tracking system aims to quickly stabilize buggy GUI applications so that people can get real work done with them. Users can collaboratively and quickly stabilize applications simply by using them normally and reporting any bugs that they encounter to prevent anyone from encountering them again.
A sub utilized in the BHA to prevent excessive lateral movement of the CT during DMUR operation.
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usually used after course of IBS Diet Pills. This allows to fix loss weighting result for longer period of time. There are both herbal and drug stabilizers.
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A device used to eliminate chatter.
Muscles that support or stabilize the body while the prime movers and the synergists perform the movement patterns.
Tissue paper, nonwoven materials, or water-soluble materials which reduce stitching problems.
A centralizer installed in the drill string to center the string in the hole and to stiffen the string to resist bending and deviation.
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an insert placed in your shoe to help balance your posture and keep you in alignment
A muscle that acts to stabilize a moving joint or a non-moving part of the body during the performance of an athletic movement pattern.
Stiffness Stress-crack Structural Foam
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a box that goes between the player and recorder
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a component of the module
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See "Backing" and "Facing."