Definitions for "stabilize "
Sometimes videos are recorded with a free hand, which produces shaky movies. This program compares each frame with previous frames and tries to find out to which offset it should shift that frame to make the movie more stable.
To reduce the size of fluctuations in an economic variable over time. Examples include stabilizing exchange rates by exchange market intervetion; stabilizing the price of a commodity by operation of a buffer stock; and stabilizing GDP by macroeconomic stabilization policy.
make stable and keep from fluctuating or put into an equilibrium; "The drug stabilized her blood pressure"; "stabilize prices"
The amino acids in a protein form associations with each other that try to keep hydrophobic amino acids together and separate them from the water and hydrophilic amino acids. If a hydrophobic amino acid such as valine were surrounded by water, this would be a very unstable structure. So the valine amino acids try to stay away from the water by associating with other hydrophobic amino acids such as phenylalanine and leucine.
A term used to describe paper that has been seasoned so that the moisture content is the same as the air surrounding it.
In reference to paper characteristics, describes paper that has been seasoned so that the moisture content is the same as the air surrounding it.
To prepare the wine for long term storage by allowing all microbiological activity to cease or by disabling the yeast with additives. Potassium sorbate and sulfites are often added to the wine before bottling due to their effectiveness in preventing renewed fermentation, microbiological activity, and oxidation. If a wine is to be sweetened before bottling, stabilization with Potassium Sorbate (Sorbistat K) is required.
To make soil form and prevent it from moving.
Provision of medical care that is appropriate to prevent the person’s health condition from deteriorating. NCGS 58-50-61(a)(16).
With respect to an emergency medical condition, that no material deterioration of that condition is likely to result or occur before an individual may be transferred.
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To convert to a form that resists change. Organic material is stabilized by bacteria which convert the material to gases and other relatively inert substances. Stabilized organic material generally will not give off obnoxious odors.
To modify any natural material to improve or maintain its load carrying capacity, or to waterproof it.
The addition of a material e.g.. cement, lime, fines etc. to improve the characteristics of the original material.
To maintain an unfluctuating level of something
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To spin a projectile around its long axis rapidly enough to keep it point-on in flight.