Definitions for "St. Louis"
The St. Louis Limestone is named for St. Louis, Missouri, where it is extensively exposed. No type section was designated. The St. Louis is typically exposed in Illinois in the Mississippi River bluffs at Alton, Madison County. It is also well exposed in the Mississippi and Illinois Valleys in western and southern Illinois and along the Ohio River in Hardin County. The St. Louis is 500 feet thick in southeastern Illinois and thins north-westward to less than 200 feet before being truncated by pre-Pennsylvanian erosion. The St. Louis Limestone in Illinois is characterized by fine-grained, micritic to lithographic, cherty limestone, but it contains beds of dolomite, crystalline limestone, fossiliferous limestone, and evaporites.
the largest city in Missouri; a busy river port on the Mississippi River near its confluence with the Missouri River; was an important staging area for wagon trains westward in the 19th century
king of France and son of Louis VIII; he led two unsuccessful crusades; considered an ideal medieval king (1214-1270)
A refugee steamship that departed from Hamberg for Cuba in the spring of 1939. Only 22 of the 1,128 were allowed to disembark. Although eventually the remainder were taken by England, Holland, France and Belgium, their initial rejection by every country, including the U.S., gave support to Hitler's theory that the nations of the world were unconcerned with the plight of Jewish refugees.
A steampship that went from Hamburg to Cuba in 1939 carrying 1128 Jewish refugees, of which only 22 were allowed to disembark. After being rejected by various countries, they were eventually allowed to go to England, Hollan, France, and Belgium.
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Site of Corvette assembly factory from 1954 through 1981.