Definitions for "SST"
Sea Surface Temperature. Usually measured either continuously from ship at the depth of the engine water intake, or remotely by satellite (see AVHRR) or airplane.
Sea surface temperature, measured by the TAO buoys at one meter below the surface.
(Sea Surface Temperature): The temperature of the upper meter of the water column, usually measured with a thermometer from a bucket sample.
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SST is a an object-oriented software foundation for a Rail Vehicle Simulator developed as a joint venture between Swedish National Rail Administration , University of Uppsala and Swedish National Road and Transport Research Instititute.
Special Surveillance Team, formed at OTS to simulate hostile surveillance tactics in training simulations.
Safe, secure trailer. A specially designed semitrailer, pulled by a specially designed tractor, that is used for the safe, secure transportation of cargo containing nuclear weapons or special nuclear material.
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Stolper-Samuelson Theorem
Student Support Team
Student Study Team. A team of educational personnel responsible for assisting classroom teachers in providing appropriate learning environments for students who may be exhibiting school related problems. Through combining knowledge and brainstorming efforts, the teams may generate solutions that enable students to remain in general education classes rather than be referred for special education programs.
Specialist Schools Trust (formerly the Technology Colleges Trust)
Sustained Stewardship TeraFlop
Scottish Secure Tenancy. A unified form of tenancy which was introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 as a replacement for secure, regulated and assured tenancies. Tenants of all RSL's will either have a Scottish Secure Tenancy or a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy.
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Super Spectra Coating - Canon's multi-layer coating applied to most of its FD lenses.
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minimum spanning tree
amount that is distributed between partner sites at the moment of payment.
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Studies of Science and Technology
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Certificate Store