Definitions for "SSA"
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Serial Storage Architecture. An expanded storage adapter for multi-processor data sharing in UNIX-based computing, allowing disk connection in a high-speed loop.
A SPARCStorage Array, a collection of disks within a hardware peripheral. The SSA provides access to each of its housed disks via two ports.
Serial Storage Architecture. An architecture defining a serial physical interface and supporting protocol developed by IBM and now supported by the ANSI X3T10.1 committee. SSA supports point-to-point, loop, and multiple-ring topologies. Each node of an SSA topology can support up to 2 full duplex ports operating at 20 MBytes/sec per port. SCSI commands, data transfers, and responses are transported across an SSA topology.
Auxilliary submarine[md]sub that is part of the fleet but usually has a non-combative role, such as training.
Sub-Saharan African
Sub-Saharan Africa
Standards Spending Assessment
Suplementary Silver Account (Gold FC benefit) [Submitted by mcuth
Site-specific assessment, an assessment of the suitability of the investigator, site and facilities made for any study with a Principal Investigator at each research site. The application for SSA should be made by the Principal Investigator using Part C of the application form. In the case of a multi-site study, the outcome of the SSA should be notified to the main REC within 25 days.
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Social Service Agency. Different counties call this department by various names but it is the county (and state and federal) government area responsible for the well being of children. This ranges from taking reports of child abuse to emergency response to removing children and making recommendations to the courts as to what is in their best interest.
A type of study leave available to county educators and regional specialists following three years' service to OSU Extension.
Senior Services Aide
Acronym for Specific Support Action.
Special Support Assistants
Saracens Supporters Association
Soaring Society of America, PO Box E, Hobbs, NM 88241
Seismological Society of America
Source Selection Authority
Sealed Source Authorization For work with sealed radioactive sources only
Sealed Source Authorization (Required if sealed radioactive sources are stored or used.)
Secure Sockets Agent
Supervisory Special Agent (INS, FBI)
Singapore Shipping Association.
State Supplementary Assistance
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Social Security office. Visit
Signal Security Agency
an independent government agency responsible for the social security system
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Segment search argument. SSAs are used to identify DL/I database segments.
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Safe Schools Act (Bill 81)
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Refers to S-band Single Access.
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Office Locator
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site screening area