Definitions for "SRO"
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Self-Regulatory Organization. Non-government organization which has statutory...
An organisation recognised by the SIB and responsible for monitoring the conduct of business and capital adequacy of investment firms.
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Standing Room Only.
Single Room Occupancy. Housing that is a single room, sometimes with private bath and cooking facilities.
SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY. One of the country's oldest forms of affordable housing for single and elderly low-income people. Typically, an SRO room will have a sink and a closet. Bathroom, shower, kitchen and other rooms are usually shared. Residents have the option of paying day by day or on a more long term basis.
Senior Responsible Owner. The member of GDA ultimately responsible for the delivery of a project to the business
Senior responsible owner. The single individual with overall responsibility for ensuring that a project or programme meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits.
sales de rehidratación oral
Sels de R& hydratation Orale
Scottish Renewables Order. This is an obligation placed on Scottish Public Electricity Suppliers to buy electricity from renewable sources. Like the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation of England and Wales, interested generators place bids with the Government for a Scottish Renewables Order contract. Those who get a contract have their electricity purchase guaranteed at a set price for 15 years. The extra cost this places on the Public Electricity Suppliers in Scotland is to be reimbursed to them, from the Government. As yet there is no Fossil Fuel Levy on Scottish consumers to fund the Scottish Renewables Order.
A standardized incentive program offered by a QRU to its retail electric service customers for On-site Solar Systems that do not exceed 100 kW per installation.
School Rights Only: The rights you want to transfer to a textbook publisher, instead of granting them all rights.
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State Revenue Office
Sub Registrar Officer
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Another term for sponsor