Definitions for "Squatter"
one who settles unlawfully upon land without a title. In the United States and Australia the term is sometimes applied also to a person who settles lawfully upon government land under legal permission and restrictions, before acquiring title.
one that settles on property without right or title or payment of rent: one that settles on public land under government regulation with the purpose of acquiring title.
pioneer farmer given land by the government.
A barrister who remains in chambers after pupillage but not as a tenant.
a person who moved in without permission from the landlord or tenant
A barrister, having been called to The Bar and completed pupillage, but who has not been offered tenancy, may be permitted to use a chambers as a base for his/her court work.     Tenant - A barrister, having been called to The Bar and completed pupillage is able to apply for Tenancy with chambers. This is the right to inhabit or rent a room in chambers and received briefs (contracts) which will require him to represent/advocate for clients. S/he is then a Tenant.
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Squatter is a board game that was launched at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1962, invented by Robert C Lloyd. With more than 456,000 games sold in Australia alone, it became the most successful board game ever developed in Australia. It is a Monopoly-type game in which players each own a sheep station and compete, by judicious trading, to be the first to acquire sufficient irrigated pasture to increase their stock to 6,000 head of sheep, all the while coping with drought, disease, taxes, impotent stud rams, and luck.
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See Squat snipe, under Squat.
a person who plants himself in the wilderness upon any piece of ground which he likes, without purchasing it of the proprietor
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a toilet that has no bowl or any other part that resembles part of a toilet
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One who squats;