Definitions for "Square yard"
a perfectly formed backyard...or measurement of area inspired by a yardstick. A yard is three feet long, thus a square yard, having three feet on all sides of a square, must be...let's see - three times three equals - nine! square feet to a square yard. Thus, metrically-deficit minded Americans have our yards with which to play...with.
a traditional unit of area. 1 yd2 equals 9 ft2, 1296 in2, or exactly 0.836 127 36 m2.
The basic unit of measurement for large areas. One square yard is equal to 3' x 3' or 9 square feet. Squeegee - A rubber blade Applicator with a long handle designed for spreading driveway sealer.
Keywords:  midpoint, spar, mast, tapered, angles
a spar tapered at each end and held at its midpoint at right angles to the mast