Definitions for "Sprocket"
Keywords:  cog, cogwheel, tooth, wheel, chainring
A tooth or projection, as on the periphery of a wheel, shaped so as to engage with a chain.
A sprocket wheel.
This is a circular, multiple toothed piece of metal that engages a chain. Also called a cog, freewheel, or chainring.
Sprocket is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe where she was primarily a pilot for the superhero team the New Warriors. Her first appearance was in Night Thrasher: Four Control #2. She is African American and presumably in her 40's.
Sprocket is an ATTEMPT at efficient databasing on NON-PERSISTENT applications as used in the WEB . Sprockets is manifested in a dual purpose forum-CMS, with heirarchical qualities like inheritence and infinite nesting of data.
a Wicket Swing component implemented as an applet, which is instantiated by a client browser with Java support and which then communicates with the server to keep model state in sync
Keywords:  rafter, timber, foot, head, wall
a short timber placed at the foot of a rafter to project over the wall head.
Keywords:  library, handling, class, code, methods
a code library for handling the methods associated with a class