Definitions for "SPRINGS"
Carbon wire steel springs wound from flat or round wire Verenstaal, Veren
Springs support the weight of the vehicle and allow the suspension system to move and adapt to road irregularities, compressing when the wheels hit a bump and expanding when the wheels encounter a dip. Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by Andersen777 () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
Found at each wheel. Tension in the springs can be adjusted with a jackbolt.
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Forward and aft mooring lines running from bow and stern areas towards mid-ship.
See Mooring Lines.
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Most guns have springs. Big springs, little springs, tiny springs that bounce across the room and hide under the couch while you hunt for them in vain. The mainspring The recoil spring is the powerful spring that cushions the slide in its rearward travel and then sends the slide forward again with enough force to drive the fresh round firmly into the chamber.
groundwater appearing at the surface at the outcrop of the junction of a permeable with an impermeable stratum.
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See spring tide.
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In slot racing, the only springs used today are those holding in the motor brushes. They come in many various strengths and sizes. Which one is best can only be known by experimenting on your own track's power and racing conditions.
Springs are sometimes used to return the ejection to a neutral position.