Definitions for "Spreader"
Keywords:  spar, shrouds, kite, stunt, mast
A bar holding two linear elements (such as shrouds) apart and usually taut.
These are the spars that run horizontally across the span of the kite opening the wings. Also known as a cross spar. Most stunt kites will have two lower spreaders which run from the spine to the leading edge, and one upper spreader which runs from leading edge to leading edge.
Small spars extending toward the sides from one or more places along the mast. The shrouds cross the end of the spreaders, enabling the shrouds to better support the mast.
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A device used with a crane for special lifting of equipment.
In material handling: a device employed in handling and lifting containers and unitized cargo.
Equipment designed to lift containers by their corner casters.
Adjuvant added to the sprays to make the material spread more readily over the foliage rather than deposited in spots.
A substance added to fungicide or bactericide preparations to improve contact between the spray and the sprayed surface; a surfactant. ( 11)
A substance which, when added to a spray mixture, will increase the area that a given volume of liquid will cover on a solid or on another liquid (often called a surfactant).
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Similar to a riving knife, spreaders are found on table and radial saws. Spreaders keep the kerf from closing and pinching the blade during cuts and help prevent kickback.
a hand tool for spreading something; "he used his knife as a spreader"
1. Metal device, which keeps the groove of a power saw cut from closing and bending the blade as it moves, by fitting into that groove. 2. Spacers of wood or metal, which keep the concrete forms the correct distance from each other.
A machine for combining and drawing fibers of flax to form a sliver preparatory to spinning.
Refers to a stitch formation device used in overedge, coverstitch, blindstitch, and buttonsewing machines. Spreaders carry another thread to a position so it can be entered by another stitch forming device. Except for coverstitch machines, a spreader does not have its own source of thread. Spun Kool®: Refers to a spun polyester thread with a flame-retardant finish specifically designed for sewing Children's Sleepwear. For a Textured Polyester thread with the FR Finish, see Tex Kool®.
An auxiliary tool sometimes attached to the end of the container to produce an effective billet of greater size than the I.D. of the container. Use of a spreader permits the extruding of sections considerably wider than container I.D., but only under definitely limited operating conditions.
A streamlined metal block placed in the path of flow of the plastics material in the heating cylinder of extruders and injection moulding machines to spread it into intimate contact with the heating areas.
a mechanical device for scattering something (seed or fertilizer or sand etc.) in all directions
a garden tool used in applying and distributing either seeds or fertilizer
The part of a hydraulic rescue tool system used to spread apart wreckage. It may be manually powered or powered by mechanically driven units.
a piece of rawhide, bone, or silver that is fashioned to hold open a roach
a weight with two or more lines held out from its centre holding snelled hooks
A downpipe-tee or elbow fixed at 90 degrees to the roof slope used to spread stormwater over a greater area of the roof.
the rails used to screw countertops - hence not needed a 90 degree bracket (steel bent in 90 degree angel) to screw the countertop.
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same as swapper (newer term)
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(Manure) spreader is an implement resembling a trailer which has powered rotors to chop and spread manure evenly.
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Another name for a 'squeegee'.
Agent used in some pesticide formulations to extend the even disposition of the active ingredient.
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One who, or that which, spreads, expands, or propagates.
Insulator used with transmission lines and antennas to keep the parallel wires separated.
The simultaneous purchase and sale of futures contracts for the same commodity or instrument for delivery in different months, or in different but related markets. A spreader is not concerned with the individual contract's direction but with the difference between the prices of the contracts.
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See wetting agent.
is a substance which increases the firmness of attachment of materials to surfaces.