Definitions for "Spooler"
Spooler is a tool that monitors jobs of any kind of application through plain text files simply containing the parameters needed to submit a report to a print queue. As a plus it can also convert a report into pdf format and send it attached to an email.
A utility that manages printers on a network by intercepting files until the printer is ready to print them.
This is the intermediary device between a computer and a printer. In the old days, if you had no spooler, your computer would wait as the printer slowly printed a document. You would send your print data to a spooler to accept the data and save it temporarily to hard disk or memory while it deals with the slow printer for you. Nowadays, print-server is a more current term for describing this type of device. Most modern operating systems contain spooler processes that take care of printing in the background and you don't notice any delays anyway.
A worker operating the spooler machinery, which wound yarn from spinning bobbins onto cones, which could then be used in the warper or quiller machines.
Spooler is a component of Empress Server which spawns and controls an Administration Server and one or more Service Servers.
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One who, or that which, spools.