Definitions for "Spool"
This is the intermediary device between a computer and a printer. In the old days, if you had no spooler, your computer would wait as the printer slowly printed a document. You would send your print data to a spooler to accept the data and save it temporarily to hard disk or memory while it deals with the slow printer for you. Nowadays, print-server is a more current term for describing this type of device. Most modern operating systems contain spooler processes that take care of printing in the background and you don't notice any delays anyway.
The process of transferring data into a storage location before sending it to a peripheral device like a printer. In this way, the sending computer can continue to operate until the printer is available or the printing is done.
Acronym for : Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line. The queuing of requests in a file while the computer's resources are freed up.
A piece of cane or reed with a knot at each end, or a hollow cylinder of wood with a ridge at each end, used to wind thread or yarn upon.
To wind on a spool or spools.
the drawworks drum. Also a casinghead or drilling spool.; to wind around a drum
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A one-piece ring gear carrier providing equal rotational drive to both axles.
a solid hub that connects the inner ends of both rear axles in place of the differential so that both axles are connected as though they were solid
A type of differential with both axle shafts permanently locked together forcing the wheels to always rotate at the same speed.
same as casing head.
Any cylindrical-shaped part of a hydraulic component that controls the flow passing through the component in accordance with its movement.
A cylindrical headed keeper fastened by one or more socket head screws used to retain and control pad travel.
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A directory on the mail server that holds emails before they are viewed or downloaded from a client.
one complete axial compressor rotor in a powerplant
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What the Ribbon yardage is packaged on
connection between a subsea pipeline and the platform riser, or between the terminations of two pipelines.
Continuous roll of paper or cardboard rolled around a mandrel.
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Also referred to as a king spool. Often used on American Knit Corporation Hose Knitting machinery for making mechanical rubber products.
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a simple device generally used in cave diving that holds line but has no moving parts, therefore less failure points.