Definitions for "Splints"
A rigid support designed to hold bones in place to allow healing, e.g., broken bones, or to prevent movement in general.
Injury to one or both of the metacarpal or splint bones, which run up the back of the cannon bone. Stress or strain can cause the ligaments attaching these bones to the cannon bone to pull and tear, causing heat, swelling and lameness. Eventually additional bone is laid down on the site of the injury, leaving behind a bony swelling. called a splint.
Inflammation of the interosseous ligament that attaches the splint bones to the cannon bone.
hard plastic device used to prevent movement of a joint. Initiated by an occupational therapist or physical therapist. Used to prevent contractures and maintain function.
Splints are made of many materials. Splints are used to hold parts of the body in the best position after a burn in order to: 1. support and protect the burned areas while healing 2. prevent the skin from shrinking as it heals 3. restore range of motion of a joint by stretching the skin.
Supports made for joints that are inflamed to rest them and maintain them in a good functional position.