Definitions for "Spline"
a curved line formed by two or more vertices, or "control points", and a mathematical formula describing the curve(s) between them
a polynomial curve or surface used to represent spatial variation smoothly.
A curved line segment. See the section in the manual on splines. The splines used in PfaEdit are all third order Bézier splines.
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A rectangular piece fitting grooves like key seats in a hub and a shaft, so that while the one may slide endwise on the other, both must revolve together; a feather; also, sometimes, a groove to receive such a rectangular piece.
A long, flexble piece of wood sometimes used as a ruler.
It is a thin strip of material, like wood or metal, which is inserted into the edges of two stones pieces or stone tiles to make a butt joint between them.
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Spreaders Stability
a list of vertices and each vertex has an input/output tangent control vertice which is computed based on the alpha/gamma/magnitude values
a set of vertices and their connecting segments that form a line
To prepare a surface to its desired contour by working a paste material with a flat-edged tool. The procedure is similar to screeding of concrete.
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a shape make of two or more corners (i
a usually curvy pattern used to guide someone shaping something large, such as a boat hull
A shape created from a line.
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a spatial-line that will help us define the kind of geometry we want for the footing
A fixing mostly used in the Automotive sector for Cylinder Head fixings etc
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See vectors.
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See “Slip tongue”.
Spline is used to denote either of two quite different design elements.