Definitions for "Spit"
A small point of land running into the sea, or a long, narrow shoal extending from the shore into the sea; as, a spit of sand.
A long range of sand deposited by longshore currents and longshore drift where the coast takes an abrupt inward turn. It is attached to land at the upstream end.
A coastal landform that comprises an arm of beach material sticking out into the sea. It is created by the action of longshore drift. transportation deposition beach coast
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To eject from the mouth; to throw out, as saliva or other matter, from the mouth.
To eject; to throw out; to belch.
The secretion formed by the glands of the mouth; spitle; saliva; sputum.
Keywords:  spade, dig, blade, depth, fork
The depth to which a spade goes in digging; a spade; a spadeful.
To spade; to dig.
a garden fork or spade's blade depth.
Keywords:  skewer, roast, slender, rod, meat
A long, slender, pointed rod, usually of iron, for holding meat while roasting.
A slender pointed rod for holding meat over a fire.
a skewer for holding meat over a fire
Keywords:  sprinkle, rain, flurry, slick, snow
To rain or snow slightly, or with sprinkles.
rain gently; "It has only sprinkled, but the roads are slick"
Colloquially, a fall of rain or snow in very light amount; a sprinkle, or snow flurry.
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Signed Performances in Theatre. SPIT is a leading national body for promoting BSL interpreted performances of mainstream theatre.
Spit was the successful debut album by Kittie, a Canadian Alternative metal all-women band from London, Ontario. It was released in 1999 on Artemis Records and projected the band into the mainstream heavy metal music scene. The album remains a fan favorite, considered their most original.
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Supermarine Spitfire
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S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic is a 2001 film by Daniel Cross. The narrative unfolds from the point-of-view of a single character named Roach. As part of the filmmaking process, he's been given a camera to document his world.
is the VoIP equivalent of unsolicited email / unwanted messages clogging up your voice mail box.
Unsolicited E-mail on voice over IP networks.
Keywords:  impale, loin, veal, thrust, hence
To thrust a spit through; to fix upon a spit; hence, to thrust through or impale; as, to spit a loin of veal.
Keywords:  contempt, anger, utter
utter with anger or contempt
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"The World is Yours" a card game particularly popular in the African-American community
Spit, also known as Speed or (in the UK) Slam or Slams, is a card game for two players in which the aim is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. The players do not take turns - physical speed and alertness are required to play faster than your opponent. On each deal, by being first to play all your stock pile cards you can reduce the number of cards you have in the next deal.
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see spar
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Spit is a graphical picture indexing tool. It can be used to manage pictures and generate thumbnails and HTML pages for putting your pictures online. It allows quick and easy ordering, editing, and adding captions for pictures.
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a drill and a dowel in one piece
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See Chewing Tobacco
All-purpose cleaning fluid especially good on kids' faces.
Body fluid used for healing in the Christian religion. See Mark 7-8
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To attend to a spit; to use a spit.
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A long wooden stick that is turned to have all sides of the food item cooked
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a large screw and an attachment for a rope
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A small amount of money.