Definitions for "Spirits"
Keywords:  distilled, liquor, whisky, gin, rum
is a term used to describe alcoholic distillate of grain, sugar cane, fruit, etc.
distilled rather than fermented
Rum, whisky, brandy, gin, and other distilled liquors, in distinction from wine and malt liquors.
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are entities which have no requirement for physical bodies (though some can manifest such). On most worlds they occupy their own domain, which only occasionally impacts that of physical creatures. Spirits come in many types, including Ancestor Spirits, Bound Spirits, Djinni, Ghosts, Loa, Local Spirits, Psionic Intelligences, Totems, and some types of Faerie, Angels, Demons, and deities can also be spirits. Spirits range in power from those confined to the spiritual realm with no special powers and no ability to be seen or affect the material realm to those with a multitude of earth-shattering abilities.
angels (7 spirits = all the angels)
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Spirits is a male/female dance music duo from England who scored two entries on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1995. Members are Osmond Wright and Beverly Thomas. Their debut single "Don't Bring Me Down" spent two weeks at number one on the dance chart and it was followed by "Spirit Inside", which hit number twelve.
Album recorded by female Japanese pop artist Watanabe Misato. It was released on 1996.7.12 by Sony Music Entertainment.
Nonmaterial beings allegedly procreated in the pre-existence by God the Father and his wife. Jesus Christ, and even we ourselves, were supposedly born and raised to maturity as spirits before coming into bodies on this earth. The spirit of Satan was also procreated in this way. This makes Satan and Jesus Christ spirit brothers. Jesus selected a righteous path; Satan selected the opposite.
only partially sadistic with their application of weather patterns. Not easily appeased.
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Self aware beings that lack a physical body.