Definitions for "Spinning"
The spinning program utilizes a stationary bike to simulate a real outdoor biking experience. There are no computers attached to the spinner, and the bike has a fixed gear, racing handlebars, pedals with clips or cages, and a seat that can adjust up and down, fore and aft. Each spinner also has a resistance knob that you can use to adjust the intensity of each workout.
Keeping your pedal cadence high with a low load per revolutions on you legs/knees. Generally on the flats or while on a trainer.
An aerobic exercise using a stationary bicycle.
The process of shaping a disk of metal by rotating it on a lathe and pushing it with a forming tool. Also, a part made this way.
rotating rapidly about an axis; "a spinning top"; "the whirling dance of the Dervish"
A process for shaping sheet metal into rounded objects. During the process a tool is pressed against the sheet metal as it revolves.
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The process used to produce singles yarns where staple fibers are drafted down to their final size and twisted together. Most singles yarns are applied in the "S" direction. (See Thread Construction.)
a process of making fibres into yarns.
The conversion of staple fiber into spun yarn. (See " Parallel spinning.")
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The allocation of IPO shares, under the "friends and family" category, to high-tech executives as an incentive to bring their financing business to the underwriting bank. Spinning is the quiet allocation of thousands of hot new IPO shares to the personal brokerage accounts of venture capitalists and corporate executives. The practice is supposed to help spread the good word about a stock to various movers and shakers, who then presumably would take an interest in the company.
The practice by investment banks of distributing shares to certain clients, such as venture capitalists and executives, in hopes of getting their business in the future. Outlawed at many banks.
The practice by investment banks of distributing shares to certain banks in hopes of getting their future investment banking business in the future.
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Stamping Standish Sterling
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See weave/weaving/woven.
Method of forming pressure housing heads.
a. & n. from Spin.