Definitions for "Spinner "
See Bar Spinner Spinnerbait "V"-shaped, wire-framed lure with a blade or blades on one arm of the "V" and a hook and lead weight on the other, the hook is normally dressed in a skirt of rubber strands, but bucktails are also used. Essential pike lure.
fisherman's lure; revolves when drawn through the water
a great lure to use instead of live bait because it is easy and effective
board game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game
a pair of arrows pointing in opposite directions that allow the user to increment or decrement a value or step through a list
a pair of arrows to the right of the text box that increment and decrement the value
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A spent adult aquatic insect following laying its eggs on the surface of the water.
The final adult form of mayflies. In this stage the adults are sexually mature, mate, and the females lay eggs in the water. Many females spinners die on the water with their wings spread out flat on their sides
the egg laying stage of the mayfly; overall not as important to the fly fisher as the dun stage; (see mayfly and dun).
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A tool used for spinning out Roller Covers and Brushes to remove water or solvent after cleaning them
an aerodynamic covering over the center hub of the propeller
Term describing the nose cone that covers the propeller hub.
The first double played, which is turned sideways in the line of play and allows for play in all four directions
Anyone operating the spinning machinery, which was installed in long rows, each row having two "sides." Thus, a spinner responsible for "eight sides" was actually in charge of four long rows of machinery.
The first double that is played during a game is called the "spinner". In many games, dominoes can be played off all four edges of the spinner - both ends and both sides.
A ball that rotates like a top. Caused by a release with a hand position facing the approach and/or an elbow turning away from the body through the downswing.
A stone that is released so that it rotates many times as it travels down the sheet.
A free-standing display rack that rotates 360 degrees.
a smaller chick which you could supposedly spin around on the end of your dick, I prefer to spin them sunnyside-up and sunnyside-down
a woman who is petite enough that you can
A very petite provider. Etymology: From the 1970's toy, "Sit 'n' Spin"
a tough track to use where you are trying to get the right amount of side roll and axis tilt, especially when you're trying to roll on a lot of different lane conditions
Arcade control that spins 360 degrees, eg. Tempest, Tron et al.
An optical device used to control on-screen movement along a single axis, usually the X axis. As the spinner is turned the on-screen cursor (or arcade game image) is moved correspondingly.
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A spinner was a person who spun raw flax into thread. Spinning took place on a spinning wheel and it was mostly carried out by women. The thread was wound into bundles called hanks which were sold to weavers at the local market. | list | close this window
A person who spins fibers into thread
someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads)
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A goatsucker; -- so called from the peculiar noise it makes when darting through the air.
Normally the name given to an aerial effect than spins rapidly. These are usually silver in colour, and some make a noise or give off coloured stars.
a type of star that spins in the sky and gives off large quantities of white light
A spinner (sometimes spinna or spinnaz or spinnerz) is an automotive accessory, popular with the hip-hop community.
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(spin-er) 1. A rabid fan of the show.
A machine which spreads fertilizer by throwing the fertilizer from a spinning disc
A part of a microsprinkler which the water spins and then helps to throw the water away from the sprinkler. This helps make a larger diameter spray with lower pressure. Used on 360 degree pattern sprinklers only. Not all 360 degree sprinklers use this method, mostly the larger diameter ones.
an integer-only control with an edit field and up/down buttons
a Widget used to manipulate an integer value
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a rider who pedals in a moderate gear at a relatively fast cadence, relying on pedal rpm for speed.
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An extremely slow link. The name comes from Mosaic's globe icon, which spins while the program tries to access a site. If the site is particularly slow, the only sign you have that anything is actually happening is the spinning globe. See also dirt road and JIPG.
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Spinner is useful for keeping telnet and ssh links from dropping due to inactivity. Many firewalls and some ISPs drop connections when they are perceived as idle. By having spinner running, the server is constantly sent a tiny amount of data over the link, preserving the connection. Spinner thus acts as a keep-alive.
Spinner is a satirical news website based in Wellington, New Zealand.
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See: Value Selector, Scrollbar.
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A bull that tends to come out of the chute and spins to the left or right.
Keywords:  streak, winning
A winning streak.
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A shot thrown with too much spin, or curl.
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A spider.
Keywords:  protector, cupped, chip, top, card
a card protector that spins like a top
a chip that is slightly cupped so it spins like a top
Sometimes means REFLECTOR, sometimes means the whole assembly -- reflector, antenna, mount for the reflector, and so on.
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a second pin that is attached through a hole in the main pin and capped off, allowing it to spin freely
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One who, or that which, spins one skilled in spinning; a spinning machine.
A spinneret.