Definitions for "SPINAL NERVES"
Keywords:  ventral, dorsal, cord, exit, nerve
Nerves arising from the spinal cord that form nerves of the peripheral nervous system.
Spinal nerve – formed by the dorsal nerve roots - (or back of the spine) which supply the sensory system and ventral nerve roots- (or front of the spine) supplying the motor nerve system of the cord, which pass in/out of the vertebral canal through the intervertebral foramina
thirty-one pairs of mixed nerves (sensory and motor) that are second order lower motor neurons and form part of the final common pathway; they also form a reflex arc; their motor fibers originate on the ventral part of the spinal cord at the anterior horns of grey matter and their roots of sensory fibers are located on the dorsal side of the spinal cord in the posterior root ganglia; these join together to form the spinal nerves after they exit the spinal column; the spinal nerves receive only contralateral innervation from first order neurons