Definitions for "Spikes"
Metal protrusions worn on the fingertips or the backs of the knuckles of the slider's glove to aid in paddling at the start.
In order to secure a safe footing, most essential in the prize ring, pugilists were allowed to use spiked shoes, as do modern track athletes.
Metal protrusions on the bottom of golf shoes designed to aid in traction.
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Spikes is the mascot of the Minor League AAA Rochester Red Wings. Spikes is 6 feet tall, and weighs 180 lbs. He was created after the 1997 season, the same year in which the Red Wings got their new stadium, Frontier Field.
unbranched, elongated, simple, indeterminate inflorescence with sessile flowers
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giant steel nails driven into railroad tracks to hold cross ties and tracks in place.
Large nails for timber work. (Plate II., Fig. 13.)
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see crooks
Refers to the projections present along the iguana's back. See the Anatomy page for photo.
With loudspeakers the usually factory-supplied pointed feet that pierce through carpet to provide a firm contact with the sub-floor.
These are commonly used under speaker units to isolate vibrations. By mounting speakers on spikes, the contact area between the speaker cabinet and the base is very small and vibrations are not transferred easily.
a very short burst of high voltage which can disrupt the operation of any electronic equipments
A quality control measure where a known amount of chemical is added to the sample to determine how well the chemical is recovered from the sample when analyzed.
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A pair of aces.
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Attacker takes 4-6 Damage
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See "Data Rate Spikes"