Definitions for "Spiff"
A tip, kickback or payment of any kind, usually cash which is handed between salespeople. "I spiffed the F&I guy $20 bucks and he took my customers first."
A tip, kickback or payment of any kind. A bonus given to salespeople.
To spiff something means to make it more attractive. In affiliate marketing, a vendor may add a spiff - a small bonus - to encourage an affiliate to make more sales.
Still Picture Interchange File Format. Intended to replace the .jfif file format, adding features (more colorspaces, a recognized way of including text blocks, etc.), and provding a backwards-compatability allowing SPIFF files to be read my most JPEG/JFIF decoders.
till icture nterchange ile ormat. A relatively new graphic image format.
Still Picture Interchange File Format, the successor to JFIF and an official standard for JPEG image files.
See push money
a form of sales commission
A special reward given by manufacturers or service sources to agents' or dealers' employees, for encouraging the sale of their own goods rather than a competitor's; usually paid on each sale, regardless of whether it is pushed or not. Also known as Push Money.
attractiveness in appearance or dress or manner; "he gets by largely on pure spiff"