Definitions for "SPG"
Supplementary Planning Guidance. Additional, more detailed guidance for the implementation of Local Plan policies. SPG can also be documents produced by other organisations, e.g. The Essex Design Guide. SPG does not have the weight of an adopted Local Plan, but is a material consideration in determining planning applications.
Supplementary Planning Guidance. Additional material such as design guides and planning briefs which set out the planning requirements or advice at a greater level of detail than appropriate for inclusion in the local Plan.
Supplementary Planning Guidance. Planning guidance issued by the Council from time to time, which supplements and interprets the policies and proposals of the plan itself, for example housing design guides. The purpose of such guidance (SPG) is to offer positive assistance to those who are preparing to submit an application for planning permission as to how particular policies will be applied in practice, or how a range of policies are relevant and will be applied to, a specific site or area. Since the inception of the Planning and Compensation Act 2004 local governments are longer able to produce SPG. A list of those which remain relevant are at appendix 4.
Submersible Pressure Guage
See Submersible pressure gauge
Submersible Pressure Gauge - a gauge attached by a hose to a first stage and indicating remaining air pressure in a tank.
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ynchronising ulse enerator
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elf- ropelled un.
Sync pulse generator. A source of synchronization pulses.
Stands for Sync Pulse Generator. A source of synchronisation pulses.
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Starwood Preferred Guest
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Sucrose phosphate glutamic acid
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Sprint Glossary
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Special Patrol Group
Special Protection Group
Supporting People Grant. The element of Supporting People Revenue funding that is transferred to Local Authorities on 1st April 2003 in respect of services provided to those living in accommodation for older persons and community care funded provision.
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single port gateway (plural is SPGs)
Semiconductor Products Group, which develops semiconductor components and assemblies for communications systems, information processing, imaging, optical positioning and lighting products.
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Price moves below PB and wide spread reversal occurs with (1) a close above the previous two closes, (2) the close is above PB, (3) the close is above the open and mid-range for the day and (4) the daily range is greater than prior dayâ€(tm)s range.
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Single Pixel GIF. See Tracking Pixel.