Definitions for "Spectrum"
The several colored and other rays of which light is composed, separated by the refraction of a prism or other means, and observed or studied either as spread out on a screen, by direct vision, by photography, or otherwise. See Illust. of Light, and Spectroscope.
A luminous appearance, or an image seen after the eye has been exposed to an intense light or a strongly illuminated object. When the object is colored, the image appears of the complementary color, as a green image seen after viewing a red wafer lying on white paper. Called also ocular spectrum.
A wavelength or frequency band of electromagnetic radiation that contains information about the radiating source of energy. Optical astronomers rely on the spectrum of light from red to blue (visible spectrum) for detailed information carried by absorption or emission lines, color appearance and brightness. An optical instrument called a spectrograph refracts the light into a spectrum of color with a grating or prism.
a division of SRA International of Fairfax, Va
a wholly owned subsidiary of SRA International of Fairfax, Va
an infinite dimensional space, while color is only a three dimensional space
A spectrum (plural: spectra) is a condition or value that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum.
In functional analysis, the concept of the spectrum of an operator is a generalisation of the concept of eigenvalues for matrices. Operators on infinite-dimensional spaces may have no eigenvalues.
Spectrum is the debut album of fusion drummer, Billy Cobham. Released in 1973, Spectrum is regarded as one of the most important and essential albums within the fields of drummers and the jazz fusion genre, despite its common critical vituperation. The album contains much influence of the music of Miles Davis and Mahavishnu Orchestra, with whom Cobham had previously collaborated extensively.
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An apparition; a specter.
Spectrum is the official publication of the Association of Adventist Forums. It aims to discuss issues relating to Seventh-day Adventist doctrine in a more open manner than is possible in official church periodicals. Founded in 1969 by a Loma Linda doctor, it reflects the personal ideas of major theological figures in the church on current "intellectual and social issues."
Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia of Science (1986 ed.), vol. 19, 1590-1591.
The novel takes place in near-future. Contact with aliens allowed humanity to travel between planets through portals. The Keymaster civilization not only provides new technologies to the world but also makes sure that their conditions are fulfilled to the letter: unrestricted access to the Gates for all who are willing.
In homotopy theory, a branch of mathematics, a spectrum is an object in a category constructed for the purposes of stable homotopy theory, starting with the category of CW complexes and aiming to make the suspension functor S invertible.
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In the context of NMR, the Fourier transform of an FID.
(neutron...): distribution according to energy of neutrons in a reactor core
A distribution of radiation intensity as a function of energy or time.
a listing of the relative intensity of each ion the mass spectrometer counted for the molecules in the sample
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The airwaves, licensed to broadcasters by the federal government and administered by the FCC, over which broadcasters transmit their signal to television sets and other devices. Since broadcasting's infancy, TV stations have used analog spectrum. In recent years, TV broadcasters have invested in new equipment allowing them to transmit over digital spectrum, which allows them to provide HDTV programming to viewers. Analog spectrum is expected to be returned eventually to the government for auction to wireless telecommunications providers and other potential users of the spectrum.
A United Kingdom Museum Documentation Standard. Developed by The UK Museum Documentation Standard Project, compiled and edited by Alice Grant, Published by the Museum Documentation Association, Cambridge 1994.
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a fitting procedure, a host of statistics are available to describe the ARMA model fit
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a map of ideologies
a mapping from the value of a field to a colour
a squiggly line that contains information about the minerals present on the ground
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different types of bacteria that the antibiotic is able to kill or stunt growth
The Sinclair Spectrum is a home computer developed by the company Sinclair.
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Sphere stereo Spider
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SS7 Standby Time
The Upper School newspaper written by students and distributed monthly to Upper School students, faculty, administration and staff.
Spectrum refers to the array of channels, like the channels on a television, available for communications transmissions. Commonly referred to as a spectrum, these channels are a finite natural resource; they cannot be created, purchased, or discovered.
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a spread of more or less related phenomena
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Grass-like patterns of gas seen in the atmosphere of the Sun.
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see Solar Spectrum above.
a collection of simple components that are added together to produce a complex signal
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a series of images