Definitions for "SPECTRE"
Something preternaturally visible; an apparition; a ghost; a phantom.
See Specter.
a ghostly appearing figure; "we were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us"
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Lockheed AC-130A/E/H Hercules gunship
AC-130 Hercules gunship
SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a fictional terrorist organization featured in the British James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, and the films based on those novels. Led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the organization first appeared in the novel Thunderball, and subsequently in a number of James Bond films including the very first, Dr. No.
The Spectre is a fictional cosmic entity and superhero who has appeared in numerous comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in More Fun Comics #52 (February 1940), and was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily.
Spectre is Skiz Fernando, head of the Wordsound label, in his record producer, rapper and electronica artist persona. He is known for dark, brooding compositions inspired by illbient, trip hop, industrial music, and horror films. His first album was The Illness (1995), which cemented his reputation in the musical community.
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The tarsius.
Spectre is a 1977 made-for-television movie produced by Gene Roddenberry. It was co-written by Roddenberry and Samuel A. Peeples, and directed by Clive Donner.
SPECTRE: the Simple, Progressive, Easily Customizable, Tricked-out RPG Engine! SPECTRE is a collection of easily implemented classes which are intended to eventually form the basis for a complete 2D game engine.
Spectre was a computer game for the Apple Macintosh, released in 1991 by Velocity Development and Peninsula Gameworks. It was a 3D tank battle reminiscent of the arcade game Battlezone, and was one of the first multiplayer network games. Later games in the series were released for the PC and Nintendo Super NES, with Spectre VR being named to a number of lists of best video games.
The selfhood of the divided man generates the Spectre, a parodic version of the self characterized by self-defensive rationalization, especially in opposition to an emanation.
The Spectre in the mythology of William Blake is part of a four-fold analysis of humans.
Spectre is a political party formed by British anti-war campaigner Reg Keys. The party has aimed to stand candidates in all United Kingdom House of Commons by-elections and the Next United Kingdom general election.
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A stick insect.