Definitions for "Specs"
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Some items at DSCR are required to be manufactured in accordance with a specification. The specification may be designated as a Federal Specification ( Fed-Spec- applicable to all military services), a Military Specification (Mil-Spec - used by a specific service) or a commercial specification such as NAS or ANSI. If a specification is cited in the AID, the vendor is responsible for assuring the product he offers meets the requirements of the specification.
A list of materials, model numbers, features of appliances, colors, or other details that supplements the contract or other document detailing the scope of work.
A narrative list of materials, methods, model numbers, colors, allowances, and other details which supplement the information contained in the blue prints; written elaboration in specific detail about construction materials and methods; written to supplement working drawings
The precise description of a print job containing detailed features such as paper type, paper size, etc
The materials, equipment and the plans for construction of a building. The term is short for Specifications.
Refers to "specifications" or the written part of construction contract documents that defines work to be done in very specific terms.
The products and the plans for construction of a building.
Banner specifications for display on a web site. Specs may include file size, creative type, content restrictions, and coding restrictions.
(specifications) A set of instructions written by the book designer that tells the compositor how to set the book. This includes typefaces and sizes, spacing, and display heads.
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The units of stretch the fabric stretches when loaded in the warp, fill and bias before and after flutter.
An assignment undertaken by a talent and photographer with the intention of selling the final product to the client. There is no guarantee of payment for either party, it is completed on speculation. No release should be signed until a sale/agreement has been reached.
(Coffee Market) (Speculators) Traders who use the market for speculative gain (not always successfully) rather than hedging. Specs help to give a market liquidity.
a system based on state of the art digital cameras with number plate recognition
SPECS is a speed camera system manufactured by the British company Speed Check Services Limited.
optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision
an abbreviated word which means "specifications".
The shortened form of the word "specifications".
Specifications; parameters or rules for formatting a publication, application, document etc.
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a regulation table
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short for specifications. Information about a mail piece.