Definitions for "Specimen"
A part, or small portion, of anything, or one of a number of things, intended to exhibit the kind and quality of the whole, or of what is not exhibited; a sample; as, a specimen of a man's handwriting; a specimen of a person's blood; a specimen of painting; aspecimen of one's art.
A sample or prototype certificate produced by an engraving company to show the actual execution of a proposed design. It may be used as a sales piece to win the printing contract for the certificates that are ultimately issued.
A piece or portion of a sample or other material taken to be tested. Specimens normally are prepared to conform with the applicable test method.
A mineral or rock of interest to collectors or scientists.
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Term used to indicate special coins struck at the Mint from 1792-1816 that display many characteristics of the later Proof coinage. Prior to 1817, the minting equipment and technology was limited, so these coins do not have the “watery” surfaces of later Proofs nor the evenness of strike of the close collar Proofs. PCGS designates these coins SP. Specimen Strike See Also -- Specimen
Term usually used to refer to an orchid that has been allowed to grow to great size and floriferousness instead of being divided; also refers to the species that typifies a genus.
or specimen plant      A plant that is grown in relatively open ground with little competition and therefore develops an unnaturally (in most cases) broad spread and dramatic form. Contrast with masses, drifts, thickets, or groves of plants, in which individual specimens intermingle with each other and may even be hard to distinguish from each other.
an ornamental plant that serves as a focal point in a garden, lawn, or indoor landscape
In cytology, the unprocessed cells retrieved from the patient and intended for examination. Cells may be retrieved spontaneously (e.g., the patient urinates in a cup), by instruments (such as colonoscope, bronchoscope, or cystoscope), by needles (e.g., fine needle aspirations or spinal taps) or by other collection devices such as spatulas for pap tests.
Specifically selected portion of any substance, material, organism (specifically tissue, blood, urine or faeces) or environmental medium assumed to be representative of the parent substance etc. at the time it is taken for the purpose of diagnosis, identification, study or demonstration. PAC, 1990
Material sent in for evaluation, biopsy (tissue) or cell suspensions (body fluids).
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Specimen was an 1980s British band. They have been described as being many different genres of music, including; Glam, Goth, Punk and Deathrock.
an example regarded as typical of its class
an actual example of how you are using the mark in commerce on or
an actual example of how you are would use a trademark in commerce
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Larger than normal piece of reef gold.
an object in its original state, one that has been prepared in an altered form, or both (e
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