Definitions for "Specifications"
A list (or lists) of the general construction and finishing components of a new home. Specifications typically include information on the Developer’s Warranty and policies for handling legal arrangements and Title transfer. Detailed lists of the interior and exterior finishing details are called Interior and Exterior Finish Schedules. Specifications are an important part of the Purchase Agreement and take precedence over Working Drawings in the event of a discrepancy between the Specification and the Working Drawings.
A part of the construction documents contained in the project manual consisting of written requirements for materials, equipment, construction systems, standards and workmanship, usually prepared in a standard 16 part CSI format.
The specific and precise descriptions of the ink, paper, binding quantity and other features of a printed job.
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ASTM, TMC as well as a number of OEM's have issued specifications that delineate physical, chemical and performance properties an acceptable coolant should possess. Pertinent industry wide specifications include: ASTM D3306, D4985 and D6210, TMC RP 302,303, 329, 330 and 351. OEM specification include GM's 6277M and Caterpillar EC-1.
The state of New Jersey Department of Transportation, Aerial Photogrammetric Specifications of October 1995, including latest revisions.
Although most large utilities have engineering or standards departments and develop their own specifications, the wood pole treating industry recognizes the following standards as minimums: For untreated wood: American National Standards Institute (ANSI 05.1) For treated wood: American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA) Other commonly referenced standards include: Rural Utility System Specification 1728 Federal Specification TTW-572 ASTM Specification D4064-8 (piling) Electric Company of New England Specification (ECNE) Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
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Maher Limited work to both global quality approvals and individual customer specifications covering manufacturing processes, heat treatment and material testing.
Term referring to the properties of a given crude oil or petroleum product, which are "specified" since they often vary widely even within the same grade of product. In the normal process of negotiation, seller will guarantee buyer that product or crude to be sold will meet certain specified limits, and will agree to have such limits certified in writing. Generally the major qualities of oil for which a buyer would demand a guarantee are: API gravity (or specific gravity, in some cases), sulfur percentage measured by weight, pour point measured by degrees C maximum, viscosity min./max., BS&W percentage by weight, etc.
A list of tests, references to analytical procedures, and appropriate acceptance criteria for a material, which serve as a basis for quality evaluation
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The copy quota, deadline and waiting period of a luck chain letter. Also the number of names on a managed list, if present. For exchange or money chain letters, these plus the number of items or cash amount to send. For pyramid schemes, these plus the amount to sell each copy for, usually equal to the amount to send.
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Subsistence expenses
Following Tolkowsky, a number of individuals and organisations have published specifications for excellence in diamond cutting, particularly in relation to proportions and angles.
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Trent has a specification to cover both general and specific issues.
A definition of the data elements, data sources, timing and frequency of data collection and reporting for the WCHQ Performance and Progress Report.
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Banner specifications for display on a web site. Specs may include file size, creative type, content restrictions, and coding restrictions.
Instructions written by publishers or designers on how the book is to be produced. This includes information on size, text, and cover stock, and ink colors.
The ordering information for a piece of furniture. Typically includes the manufacturer's item number, color, finish, size and any other options specific to the piece.
A penetrating composition that changes the color of a surface, usually transparent and leaving practically no surface film. Also, a discoloration of a coating produced by outside agencies.
The operating values for the components of a Hybrid system. All the components will have specifications that should be matched to the specifications of other components in the system to make sure that they are compatible with each other. Things addressed in the specifications are current, voltage and power under test and normal operating conditions. The specifications help the designer select the components for a system.
A listing of the measurements for all of a car's components.
the error confines within which each device will function
The group of error limits within which each device will operate.
that which identifies what service or good the College seeks to obtain. Should identify minimum requirements.
a key to maintaining the required stability
Specifications are engineering requirements for judging the acceptability of a part characteristic. For the production part approval process, every feature of the product as identified by engineering specifications must be measured. Actual measurement and test results are required. Specifications should not be confused with control limits which represent "the voice of the process".
the rules by which a faculty administers a course. sub-unit: see ‘module'.
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Refer to Parameters.
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a major factor in its popularity
The characteristics and capabilities of hardware and software items.
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See " plans and specifications".