Definitions for "Specific gravity"
The ratio of the density of a fluid to the density of water. The specific gravity of a fluid must be considered when making gravimetric measurements (weighing) of the output of a volumetric pump.
This property is the ratio of the specific weight of air or gas to that of dry air at the same pressure and temperature. ( 060)
The weight of a particular volume of any substance, compared with the weight of an equal volume of water. Since these weights will vary differently with the temperature, it is necessary to specify both temperatures involved, except for rough values.
A measurement of the concentration of urine in a urine sample; determined by using a small hand-held device called a refractomer.
The measurement used in marine systems to determine salinity.
A scale found on the hydrometer used in home wine making to measure the sugar concentration of a must.
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The degree of ripeness of the grapes.
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