Definitions for "Specialization"
A class is specialized by constructing a new class that inherit its predicates and possibly add new ones.
An instantiation of a template class or template function that overrides the standard version.
a class, function, or static data member that is either generated or explicitly specialized
In addition to their major core courses, Liberal Studies majors are required to complete 12 units in one of the following approved areas of specialization: Biology, English, Intercultural Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education, U.S. History or World History.
(biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function; "cell differentiation in the developing embryo"
a group of courses available to broaden knowledge in one subject area
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the creation of subclasses from a superclass by refining the superclass
(UML) (noun) A subclass. (verb) The process of designing subclasses from "top down." subclass.php
Producing more than you need of some things, and less of others, hence "specializing" in the first. In international trade, this is just the opposite of self-sufficiency. Doing less than everything, as when a country produces fewer different goods than it consumes. In a 2x2 trade model, this means each country produces just one good. With many goods and countries, it means each country has some goods that it does not (and cannot competitively) produce. Also may be called complete specialization.
When a business focuses on producing a limited number of goods and leaves the production of other goods to other businesses. Specialization also describes how each person working to produce a good might work on one part of the production instead of producing the whole good (e.g., in a shoe factory one person cuts the leather, another person sews it, another glues it to the sole).
A specialization produces a more specific description of a model element by adding children. A child element is the specialization of a parent element.
the separation of a manufacturing process into distinct tasks and the assignment of different tasks to different individuals
The breaking down of complex operations into simple tasks that are easily learned and performed.
Specialization is the separation of tasks within a system. In a multicellular creature, cells are specialized for functions such as bone construction or oxygen transport. In capitalist societies, individual workers specialize for functions such as building construction or gasoline transport.
In labor, the practice of using individuals highly trained to do one specific job, such as a baseball pitcher or a third base coach.
A Training and recognized competence in specific research area.
A situation in which a person's training or work in a trade is concentrated or focused on a segment of the trade which requires a certain level of competency and, in some instances, certification.
The setting apart of a particular organ for the performance of a particular function.
A particular line of research or study restricted to a special branch or field of activity within a profession. In education it involves the area or areas in which a student is certified to teach or to serve in supervisory roles.
The degree to which a particular location specializes in one type of economic activity.
"Increasing semantic precision by subtyping. Almost an exact antonym to generalization, but there are a few obscure conditions where generalization and specialization are not inverses."
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a specific field of endeavor within a skill that the character does particularly well
doing only one specific activity in order to make a complex job easier.  26
A principle stating that, as an organization grows, work within the organization needs to be divided in order to keep jobs from becoming so specialized or complex that they require a greater range of skills that essentially can not be performed by one individual.
the special line of work you have adopted as your career; "his specialization is gastroenterology"
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When a general meaning is narrowed down to something more specific; su–wayan in the sense of " earring" is a specialization of su–wayan, " to cause to hang."
The act of specializing, or the state of being spezialized.
the act of specializing; making something suitable for a special purpose
Constraining an abstraction to denote a subset.
"Specialized" redirects here. For the bicycle company, see Specialized Bicycle Components.
a program of study with carefully constructed learning experiences, defined outcomes, and specified evaluation procedures
For specialization see schedule of studies.
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See differentiation.
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Doing things differently to make things more unique
a type that customizes the basic structure of another type