Definitions for "Specialist"
One who devotes himself to some specialty; as, a medical specialist, one who devotes himself to diseases of particular parts of the body, as the eye, the ear, the nerves, etc.
The physician who provides expertise and care in a particular area; i.e., surgeon, oncologist (cancer doctor), dermatologist, allergist.
Doctors who focus on certain parts of the body or diseases. These doctors have many years of training in their specialty areas. Cardiologists (heart), oncologists (cancer), and rheumatologists (arthritis) are all specialists.
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A member of a stock exchange through which all trades in a given security pass.
A Wyvern Group staff member with extensive knowledge or ability in one or more aspects of the game.
A stock exchange member located at the trading post who keeps an orderly market in the shares for which he is listed as a specialist and thus he can buy and sell for his own account as needed. He is also a broker's broker. When a commission broker on the floor has a client order he can leave it, if wished, with the specialist who is obliged to act in the customer's best interest.
a species that performs best in a specific environment and poorly in others, while a generalist is a species that can perform fairly well in most environments
A species that consumes only one or a few types of food sources or forms associations with a narrow range of hosts. For example, certain collembola (tiny insects called springtails) specialize in eating specific species of fungi. (See generalist)
Organism which has adopted a lifestyle specific to a particular set of conditions. Contrast with generalist.
A stamp collector who intensively studies and collects the stamps and postal history of a given country, area, or time period, or who has otherwise limited his collecting field.
a stamp collector who has limited his collecting area to the intensive study of the stamps and postal history of a given issue
A collector who restricts his stamp collecting to a special field or area. Examples of a specialist collection could be United States Revenues, Confederate Issues, Ships on Stamps, Stampless covers, Duck Stamps, etc.
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Specialist (abbreviated "SPC") is one section of the fourth enlisted rank in the U.S. Army, just above Private First Class and below Corporal. It shares the same enlisted pay grade as the Corporal, which is a rank for non-commissioned officers (NCO).
In the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Specialists are the group of ranks equivalent to non-commissioned officers in other armed forces. This term was introduced in in 1993, for a more "positive" rank classification.Koh B. P., Lee G.
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(spesh' l ist) An animal adapted to a specific habitat or prey.
A species with a very narrow range of habitat or food requirements.
One of Robin Law's seven player types, expanded from the four Blacow Player Types. References: Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering Player Types (from Glen Blacow and Robin D. Laws)
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an art teacher - someone who teaches Drama, Dance, Music or Visual Art
an employee who has a teaching license or a letter of authorization from the Oregon Department of Education and who is employed half-time or more
A gymnast that competes selected events as opposed to competing All Around. A gymnast that competes only pommel horse would be referred to as a pommel horse specialist. This often, but not always, allows for a higher degree of competancy on the specialized event.
One who specializes in a part icular occupation, practice, or branch of learning. [D03290] Webster
a person who concentrates in one area, quite literally narrowing his or her viewpoint
A species with a narrow range of environmental tolerance.
a particularly valuable asset in Auxiliary operations as knowledge of vessels and proficiency in their operation is a major Auxiliary interest
a plant or animal whose survival is linked to a particular condition in an ecosystem
an animal that specializes in using one kind of resource to survive
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feeding on species in a single plant genus or 2 closely related host genera.
a person who is able to solve some predefined class of problems
A Financial Aid Specialist works with the students on special circumstances or problem: He/she evaluates student files and Satisfactory Academic Progress and determine eligibility.
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an 'Airline Pilot' who can do one thing very well
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a person who knows a lot about little and goes on knowing more and more about less and less until finally he knows everything about nothing
Fish harvester with one license and directs all fishing effort toward catching one species.
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a gathering point for placing application-level methods which deal with objects that fill a specific role in an application
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a man far from home
() a person who concentrates on one subject or area of interest