Definitions for "SPECIAL WASTES"
Keywords:  sludge, tires, waste, beeore, swm
state-only dangerous wastes in solid form that are corrosive, slightly toxic, persistent but not extremely hazardous, or have polychlorinated biphenyl components. These wastes may be disposed of in solid waste landfills if certain requirements are met.
wastes that are ideally considered to be outside of the MSW stream, but which sometimes enter it and must often be dealt with by municipal authorities. These include household hazardous waste, medical waste, construction and demolition debris, war and earthquake debris, tires, oils, wet batteries, sewage sludge, human excreta, slaughterhouse waste, and industrial waste.
This category includes sludges, bulky wastes, pesticide wastes, medical wastes, industrial wastes, liquid wastes, exempted hazardous wastes, friable asbestos wastes, combustion wastes and other solid wastes that are difficult or dangerous to manage. SWM Rule1200-7-.01(2) Note: automotive tires and dead animals are not special wastes.