Definitions for "Spearmint"
A species of mint (Mentha viridis) growing in moist soil. It vields an aromatic oil. See Mint, and Mentha.
Energizing to the mind and body. It is refreshing, cooling, gently vitalizing.
(USA) Steam distilled fromt he flowering tops of the plant and having a fresh mint aroma, which reminds of a stick of chewing gum. Traditionally used for asthma, bronchitis, migraines and stress.
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Spearmint are a London-based indie pop band, founded in 1995. Their founding members were Shirley Lee (lead vocals, guitar), Simon Calnan (vocals, keyboards), Martin Talbot (bass) and Ronan Larvor (drums). Talbot left soon afterward, to be replaced by James Parsons.
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