Definitions for "SPC"
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torm rediction enter, in Norman, OK
The Storm Prediction Center in Kansas City; formerly known as the National Severe Storms Forecast Center or SELS. SPC issues convective outlooks and all severe thunderstorm and tornado watches for the lower 48 states.
( torm rediction enter) - a national forecast center in Norman, Oklahoma, which is part of NCEP; responsible for providing short-term forecast guidance for severe convection, excessive rainfall ( flash flooding), and severe winter weather over the contiguous United States
See Statistical Process Control.
stored program control. A method whereby instructions are placed in the memory of a common controlled switching unit for use as a reference when processing calls. Instructions may include: class marks, code conversions, routing and trouble analysis.
Statistical Proces Control
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State Plane Coordinates. A map projection that measures distance in feet. By providing an SPC easting (x) and northing (y), the state name, and the zone number, any location in the United States can be identified by a unique coordinate value. SPC Zone boundaries follow state and county boundaries. Florida, due to its size and shape is divided into three SPC zones, north, east, and west.
State Plane Coordinate System ( glossary)
State Plane Coordinates. Coordinate system similar to UTM using units of feet and using the NAD27 datum. Each state may differ.
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Multiplan Program or WP Temp File or SNES Audio file
A file containing ripped SNES music.
Servicio Profesional de Carrera
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tatistical rocess ontrol
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Special Stock Corporation
special-purpose computer
Special Purpose Corporation. An independent corporation especially created, even if sometimes with a nominal capital, with the purpose of holding property titles, channelling funds for an export project or project financing. Français: Société à but spécial Español: Sociedad de carácter especial
(The Vietnamese) State Planning Committee
Science Programme Committee: highest-level scientific advisory body to ESA, consisting of national scientific representatives receiving recommendations from SSAC
Scientific Personnel Committee
Special Purpose Company. A special purpose company is an entity established to raise funds through securitization of real estate and housing loans acquired from financial institutions and real estate firms. An SPC may be capitalized at as little as 3 million yen, although the minimum capitalization for a joint stock company is 10 million yen. SPCs also enjoy certain tax privileges, including recognition of dividends paid out to shareholders as a deductible expense. Laws passed in 1998 and promulgated in September that year simplified the establishment of SPCs. However, the laws have also imposed certain restrictions, including those on the type of assets that may be transferred to them. SPCs must also have certain constraints on their fund raising methods. The financial and real estate industries are dissatisfied with the laws, complaining they are inconvenient, and are calling for their revision. The Financial System Council intends to propose a revision. In May 2000, the law was revised to ease the restrictions on SPCs, including expanding the types of assets that may be transferred to them.
Strategic Planning Council. A body consisting of management and line employees of the City and the Electric Utility, appointed by the City Manager, and responsible for the preparation of Strategic Plan(s) for the Electric Utility.
The Storage Performance Council is the only industry standards organisation that defines and promotes storage benchmarks as well as disseminates objective, relevant and verifiable performance data and related test tools to the computer industry and its customers. Storage Performance Council
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splenic capsule
Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre
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Serialized Procedure Call. A protocol that allows a Sync conduit to send DLP requests to the Palm.
Serial Protocol Converter
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SPC Ardmona Limited
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Sales Product Catalog. Database that lists document titles available for purchase and facilitates online orders.
Summary of Product Characteristics.
South Pacific Commission
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Solid Phase Crystallization. Crystallizing a-Si to p-Si through furnace annealing at temperatures 450-600°C for 12-40 hrs
See Software Publisher Certificate.
Software Publishing Certificate. A PKCS#7 signed-data object containing X.509 certificates and public key signatures.
Provides rental assistance that when combined with social services, provides permanent supportive housing for homeless people with disabilities and their families.
Synthesis Placement & Consultants
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SCSI Primary Commands.
Specialty gases Specific energy requirement
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Specific Power Consumption. ( 200)
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Standard Practice Circular
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State Pension Credit
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Student Portable Computer
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Standard Plate Count
State Purchase Contracts that operate as Whole of Government purchasing arrangements. | | | | | | | J | K | | | | | | | X | Y | Z
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This string function returns a string of n spaces.
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Signalling Point Code