Definitions for "SPALLING"
The crumbling and falling away of bricks, concrete, or blocks.
The chipping or erosion of masonry caused by abuse or weathering.
The cracking and breaking away of the surface of a material.
Severe damage characterized by large pits, cavities and related cracks; related to overload and fatigue.
The separation of a surface in a rolling bearing caused by Hertzian pressure, resulting from normal fatigue or irregularities.
This is another term describing back face deformation. It refers to the effect of a projectile on armour, where an amount of the material scales off the back face.
Stress induced failure of the rock mass that results in small, thin, curved, sharp edged pieces of rock ejected or falling from the backs or walls of an excavation. Generally accompanied by rock noise, usually associated with high rock stress.
The lifting or detachment of a coating from the substrate.