Definitions for "Spacer"
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An attachment that makes it easier to inhale medication from a metered dose inhaler.
A spacer is a tube-like device that is placed between the MDI (inhaler) and your mouth. It allows the inhaled medicated mist to slow down after you activate the MDI so that it can be inhaled more efficiently even if the patient coordination in using the MDI is not perfect.
noun Plastic or aluminum hub that separates bearing casings
This is a very important part of a double or triple pane window. It is the material that separates, but also binds together the panes of glass. To read more on Spacers.
Often made from foam core or mat board, a spacer creates an area between the plexi-glass and the picture. Shadow Box frames can be made using spacers.
Used to separate the two pieces of glass in an insulating glass panel.
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a volumatic with adaptor
In Isaac Asimov's Foundation/Empire/Robot series, the Spacers were the first humans to emigrate to space. About a millennium thereafter, they severed political ties with Earth, and embraced low population growth as a means for a high standard of living, in combination with using large numbers of robots as servants. At the same time, they also became militarily dominant over Earth.
a term from beading: a spacer is usually a smaller or simpler and often cheaper bead used between the larger, glitzier design elements to give visual breathing space to the composition.
Any device used in mounting letters or signs that separates them from the surface to which they are being installed. A spacer allows letters to be pinned out.
Any device (like a washer or a bead) used in mounting letters or signs which separates them from the surface to which they are being installed. A spacer allows a letter to be pegged out.
an androgyne being, determined to execute technical work on the nearby planets, able to adapt to any kind of gravitation, they become for the "frelks" - who depend on the gravitation of the earth - buyable objects of desire
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a bottle rupture disk placed between the two screw in components at the top of the bottom line, when you screw the two components together it forms a bowl shape
a device which is placed between the face mask and the source of aerosol (typically a bottle)
a screw itself which screws into the case
Distance Piece
a chemical moiety that presumably serves to hold pharmacophoric fragments at a proper distance and in a conformation compatible with optimal binding
a device for holding two members at a given distance from each other
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Can be used between the mat and backing to create a space when a "shadow box" effect is required. A piece of foamcore will give 3/16 inch space for the shadow box effect.
No closing tag. Index Definition: Spacer Description: This Netscape tag takes up a specified amount of space. Use cascading style sheets instead.
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v3 up inserts a space in a document
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of or referring to people who live in space