Definitions for "Sorrel"
One of various plants having a sour juice; especially, a plant of the genus Rumex, as Rumex Acetosa, Rumex Acetosella, etc.
Sorrel, Flor de Jamaica: (Hibiscus sabdariffa) A tropical flower--not to be confused with the garden-variety hibiscus--grown for its crimson sepal, which is used to flavor dinks, jams and sauces. It is available dried and fresh during the Christmas season.
A green herb used in salads and as a flavouring.
Keywords:  mane, chestnut, brownish, reddish, tail
Of a yellowish or redish brown color; as, a sorrel horse.
A reddish or copper-red body with mane and tail the same color as the body.
a horse of a brownish orange to light brown color
A bushy shrub that produces a red stems and chalices that is brewed by Jamaicans to make sorrel drink which is popular drink at Christmas time.