Definitions for "Sorcerer"
A conjurer; an enchanter; a magician.
another common term for a thaumaturgist; some cultures associate the term with using magic to harm, while other culture consider it a synonym for wizard and equally non-pejorative.
one who practices magic or sorcery
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a focused caster
a person skilled in the power of sorcery , and a caster of Spells
Sorcerer is an indie, fantasy role-playing game written by Ron Edwards and published through Adept Press. It is a tightly focused game revolving around the thematically potent question, "How far will you go to achieve your goals?" The basic premise focuses on sorcerers who summon, bind, and interact with demons, which are powerful non-human entities who work with and against the sorcerer.
Sorcerer is a 1977 film produced and directed by William Friedkin, starring Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal and Amidou.
Sorcerer is an album recorded in May 1967 by the Miles Davis quintet. It also includes one track from a 1962 session with vocalist Bob Dorough, which was the first time Wayne Shorter recorded with Davis.
Sorcerer (1977) is a soundtrack album by the German band Tangerine Dream for the film Sorcerer.
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a public enemy, and mesmerism may most readily be turned into the worst of sorceries
It used to be the term Sorcerer was granted with age and experience, though now it is equated with a high level of mastery. Typically, in a title, it is proceeded by the word “Grand”, indicating an ultimate level of ability. Most Grand Sorcerers are employed by the Watches, as their age and authority are necessary to enforcing the rules of the Great Treaty.
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a being "of the source" and at one with all of creation in this definition
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a person who has taken the Deal at some point in his life