Definitions for "Sophia"
Wisdom; Divine wisdom; created and uncreated. Greek term similar to the Hebrew Shekinah.
Means "wisdom". Like the Logos this is a primal form. While the Logos is personified as male, Sophia is female. Logos has a direct and intellectual basis for guidance, Sophia is inspirational (sometimes even sensual). The basic idea is comparable to the Shekinah, or "Holy Spirit".
wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, skill ophos: sage, seer, wise man (Presocratics)
Short for Sophia-Antipolis, France, home site of W3C in Europe. Sophia-Antipolis is located near Nice. Not to be confused with Sofia, Bulgaria.
SOPHIA (also referred to as S.O.P.H.I.A. [only for Blaster Master 2], Sophia or Sofia) stands for "Subatomic Omni-directional Probative Hyper-responsive Indomitable Abdicator". It is the vehicle used by Jason in the Blaster Master series. There are so far 4 editions to Sophia.
Sophia is the second single released from the re-release of Nerina Pallot's sophomore album, Fires. It was released on October 2, 2006.
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Kane family do-this-do-that person. Servant/maid/housekeeper/domestic science advisor or whatever the title is these P.C. days, she is seen in 1.03 "Meet John Smith."
Student organization for Douglass returning women (Bunting students). Provides social and educational programs.
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SOPHIA is a Japanese band formed in 1995. Their first record label was with TOY'S FACTORY. They changed over to Toshiba EMI in 2004.
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a great Friend