Definitions for "Sonnet"
A short poem, -- usually amatory.
A poem of fourteen lines, -- two stanzas, called the octave, being of four verses each, and two stanzas, called the sestet, of three verses each, the rhymes being adjusted by a particular rule.
a poetic form or poem of 14 lines, usually in iambic pentameter and rhyming according to a formal scheme, which expresses a thought or feeling in a complete and unified way.
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a literary form imported from Italy by Thomas Wyatt and later adapted by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
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"Sonnet" is a song by Britpop band The Verve and is featured on their third album, Urban Hymns. It was released 2 March 1998 as the final single from the album (see 1998 in British music). The song has the same instrumental layout as The Drugs Don't Work, consisting of acoustic and electric guitars backed up with a string section which is mainly made up of violins.
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praise in a sonnet
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a moment's monument
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The electronic network managed and maintained by the Office of Information Technology; includes main campus and all regional campuses; it is the OSU node on the Internet
a formalised presentation of a conceit
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To compose sonnets.
compose a sonnet
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Synchronous Optical Network