Definitions for "Somatic "
Of or pertaining to the body as a whole; corporeal; as, somatic death; somatic changes.
Of or pertaining to the wall of the body; somatopleuric; parietal; as, the somatic stalk of the yolk sac of an embryo.
having to do with the body.
Somatic is a generic 3D puzzle solver for soma and pentomino-like puzzles. For an arbitrary set of pieces and a figure with not more than 64 cubes, it can check whether this figure can be built using these pieces and return one or more solutions. It can also solve split figures that are not connected and partial figures, which do not need all pieces to be built.
The physical gesturing that is used in spell casting. Often following the utterance of a spell verbal.
vegetative phase, structure or function.
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a feeling of pain
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Skin and muscle.