Definitions for "Solubility"
The tendency to separate readily into parts by spurious articulations, as the pods of tick trefoil.
The extent to which a mineral can dissolve in water; the amount of the mineral dissolved in water when the solution reaches the saturation point.
The amount of a substance that can be dissolved in water or (sometimes) another substance.
Refers to whether the protein is present in a soluble (supernatant) or insoluble (pellet) form after expression and cell lysis. Sometimes the protein may be partially soluble and hence present in both supernatant and pellet.
Solubility provides a GUI allowing users to develop regression models to predict the aqueous solubility of a molecule. Users can choose or create descriptors and/or atomic typing parameters, train the model, and apply it to large databases. 100% Java.
The quality, condition, or degree of being soluble or solvable; as, the solubility of a salt; the solubility of a problem or intricate difficulty.
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