Definitions for "Solaris"
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SUN's registered trademark for it's UNIX operating system.
Solaris is a multitasking, multiprocessing operating system and distributed computing environment for Sun's SPARC computers from SunSoft. It provides an enterprise-wide UNIX environment that can manage up to 40,000 nodes from one central station. Solaris is known for its robustness and scalability, which is expected in UNIX-based SMP systems. An x86 version of Solaris is available that can also run applications written for Sun's Interactive UNIX. To the top
Sun's version of UNIX based on AT&T System V and runs on Sun workstations.
Solaris is a Polish science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem (1921-2006), published in Warsaw in 1961 and probably his most famous work. The novel uses remote space exploration as a metaphor by which to examine the secret, often guilty thoughts of men, which in the novel are given physical form and which invade the spacecraft, disturbing the routine. The novel is pervaded by a powerful and moving poetic sense of remoteness and loneliness.
Solaris (, Solyaris) is a 1972 Russian film based on the novel Solaris by Polish author Stanisław Lem. It is directed by acclaimed Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky.
Solaris is the third album by British drum and bass artist Photek. It was released on September 19, 2000 on the Virgin Records sublabel Science in Europe and on Astralwerks in the US.
Solaris is a DC Comics supervillain, who exists in the distant future of the DC Universe. Solaris was created by Grant Morrison, and first appeared in the DC One Million crossover.
Solaris (band) is a progressive rock band from Hungary. Established in 1980, the band went through several formations. Their music has a strong melodic content, often laced with Eastern European themes, and is highlighted by the use of dynamics and extended thematic development.
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Solaris was a game for the Atari 2600 (also supported by Atari 7800), published in 1986 by Atari.