Definitions for "Solar Return"
Happy Solar Return!! This is an astrologer's way of wishing you a Happy Birthday! Around your birthday (plus or minus a day or so), the Sun returns to the precise place it was when you were born. Hence, it is called a Solar Return. When you know the accurate time of your birth, an astrologer can calculate a chart for the precise moment that the Sun returns to its natal (birth) position. The Solar Return chart can shed light on what kinds of events and themes are likely during the coming 12 months. See also: Sun, Natal Chart. (Note: A solar return has nothing to do with retrogrades, since the Sun never goes retrograde.)
a chart for when the Sun returns to exactly to its position in your natal chart, down to the degree and minute
a chart in itself and gives clues to where you'll be focused in the upcoming year, and how to make the most of your year ahead