Definitions for "SOI"
(Southern Oscillation Index) measures the strength of the Southern Oscillation; Troup's Index compares the difference in atmospheric pressure between Tahiti and Darwin.
Southern Oscillation Index. This is calculated from the monthly or seasonal fluctuations in the air pressure difference between Tahiti and Darwin. Sustained negative values of the SOI often indicate El Niño episodes. Positive values of the SOI are associated with stronger Pacific trade winds and warmer sea temperatures to the north of Australia, popularly known as a La Niña episode ( BoM 2002).
an indicator based on the pressure gradient between the quasi-stationary low pressure region over Indonesia and the centre of the subtropical high pressure cell over the eastern Pacific Ocean. Traditionally, Darwin and Tahiti are used as the sites for determining the magnitude of the Southern Oscillation. A negative SOI is associated with higher than normal pressures over Darwin and drought conditions over much of eastern Australia ( see ENSO)
Silicon on Insulator (chip techcnology)
This is the practice of placing a thin layer of silicon on top of an insulating material in order to speed up the performance of a microprocessor by reducing the capacitance of the transistors, and making them operate faster.
Silicon-On-Insulator; silicon substrate of choice in future generation CMOS ICs; basically a silicon wafer with a thin layer of oxide (SiO2) buried in it; devices are built into a layer of silicon on top of the buried oxide and are thus electricaly isolated from the substrate; SOI substrates provide superior isolation between adjacent devices in an IC; SOI devices have reduced parasitic capacitances. learn more.
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lane running off the main road ( thanon).
Soi (Thai: ซอย) is the term used in Thailand for a side-street branching off a major street (thanon). An alley is called a Trok.
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Soi is a Seiryu celestial warrior from Yu Watase's Fushigi Yugi. She was rescued by Nakago when she was a child and afterwards developed a crush on him. Despite being enemies with Suzaku, she actually shows sympathy towards Miaka Yuki and Tamahome.
Statement of Intent. A form used to begin the application process for financial assistance from ABC. This form — in collaboration with other required documents — provides ABC with necessary information to assess an applicant's basic eligibility for financial support under the program's guidelines.
noun [statement of intent or show of interest]: a direct comment intended to let a woman know that one is attracted to or impressed with her. Origin: Rio.
statement of intention. A way for a shareholder to qualify for a reduced sales charge by promising to invest a certain amount within a specified time.
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School of Informatics
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Sensor Of Interest@ƒZƒ“ƒT[‚ªŠ´'m‚µ‚1/2”1/2‰žBFLIR‚̏ꍇA'ˆÓ‚·‚ׂ«”MŒ¹‚ðŽw‚·B
Severity of Illness. A measure of the intensity or complexity of illness often in conjunction with other pre-existing conditions, usually estimated at the time of admission. It is often used when adjusting the outcomes of care to the sickness of the patient on admission. Some of the measures relate to the likelihood of death, some to loss or impairment of function, some to clinical efficiency of care (resources used per case), and others to more abstract concepts. (See Intensity of Services.)
Service Order Image. The description of an end user's request for telephone service as represented by several Verizon North end user contact systems. The SOI contains end user information such as billing information, service needs, desired listing, etc.
Performing EAI using service-based technologies.
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Sphere of Influence
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Supplier-owned inventory.
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Space Object Identification