Definitions for "Soffit"
The under side of the subordinate parts and members of buildings, such as staircases, entablatures, archways, cornices, or the like. See Illust. of Lintel.
Board fixed underneath EAVES overhang along the length of the building to conceal timbers.
The underpart of an overhanging eave, mansard, cornice, etc.
a dropped, boxed area of a ceiling or roof used to cover pipes and wiring that may run along a wall
A box-out at the ceiling typically 12" high and 14" deep. Often used for AC ductwork. Kitchen cabinets are installed up to it creating a step effect. Also called a fur-down or bulkhead.
The area in kitchens or laundry rooms extending from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling that is often covered with a border, used to hide old pipes or air ducts.
The under surface of the stop at the frame head. That portion of a door frame between the rebates on a double-rebated frame or between the rebate and the outer edge of the frame on the stop side of a single-rebated frame. Sometimes referred to as the "stop width".
The top inside surface of the window frame which is perpendicular to the window and window frame face. The top of the window covering headrail is typically installed against the soffit of the window frame.
The visible sloping under-surface between the stair stringers.
The horizontal enclosure of a rafter tail.
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