Definitions for "Sodium bicarbonate"
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a white crystalline substance, HNaCO3, with a slight alkaline taste resembling that of sodium carbonate. It is found in many mineral springs and also produced artificially,. It is used in cookery, in baking powders, and as a source of carbonic acid gas (carbon dioxide) for soda water. Called also baking soda, cooking soda, bicarbonate of soda, bicarb, saleratus, and technically, acid sodium carbonate, sodium acid carbonate, primary sodium carbonate, sodium dicarbonate, etc.
a substance used as an antacid
the half-neutralized sodium salt of carbonic acid, used extensively for treating cement contamination and occasionally other calcium contamination in drilling fluids.
(and/or) Citric Acid – an extract from citrus fruits used as a natural pH adjuster in cosmetic products.
used as a buffering agent, ph-balancer, and a skin protecting agent.
Whitening Agent! - Abrasive polishing agent
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a medicine used to treat acidosis of the blood.
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removes plaque from teeth.