Definitions for "SODA"
Sodium oxide or hydroxide.
Popularly, sodium carbonate or bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is also called baking soda
same as sodium, used in terms such as bicarbonate of soda.
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Soda is a Belgian comic strip series by Philippe Tome (writing) and Bruno Gazzotti (art). The first two albums and the first eleven plates of the third were drawn by Luc Warnant.
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Salmonella Outbreak Detection Algorithm. A statistical algorithm designed to detect unusual clusters of isolates of Salmonella infection and to compare current Salmonella isolates reported through PHLIS by serotype to an historical baseline for that serotype, implemented in 1996.
A CMS multilanguage written in PHP or JSP with MySQL data access, and AJAX support very configurable and with a simple framework object-oriented. Include feature widgets like Podcast, Link-manager, Gallery and more.
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same as soda water.
drinkable water with CO2
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See SOA.
Jewellery trade colloquialism for solder.
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more information - recipes
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