Definitions for "Socket 7"
Keywords:  cyrix, amd, pentium, intel, motherboard
This is a PGA socket designed to accept an Intel P54c or P55c (Pentium class) chip, an AMD K5, K6 or K6-2 chip, or a Cyrix 6x86 or MII chip. It's memory bus is limited to a speed of 66MHz. Super 7 is the next generation of this Socket design.
The CPU interface form factor for fifth-generation Pentium-class CPU chips from Intel, Cyrix, and AMD.
Name for the socket on a PC motherboard that the original Intel Pentium class processors plug into. For Pentium II and III, Intel packaged its processor in a plastic cartridge that fits into a slot (Slot 1 or Slot 2) on the motherboard. Many thought Socket 7 was dead, but chip makers like AMD and Cyrix, who continue to use the socket, have proven to be worthy competitors.