Definitions for "Socialist People's Party"
The Socialist People's Party (Danish: Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF)) is a Danish green socialist party. It was founded in 1959 in Hvidovre by Aksel Larsen, who had been thrown out of the Communist Party of Denmark because, among other things, he was openly critical of the Soviet invasion of Hungary. SF's ideological base is folkesocialisme (Popular Socialism) inspired by socialism and green politics.
The Socialist People's Party (Portuguese: Partido Popular Socialista, PPS) is a political party in Brazil.It is the tenth largest party in the Brazilian National Congress, with 15 out of 513 deputies, and 1 out of 81 senators.
Socialist People's Party (in Norwegian: Sosialistisk Folkeparti) was splinter group of the Norwegian Labour Party (DNA). SF was mainly dissatisfied with the pro-NATO/EEC external policies of DNA. A group around the magazine Orientering had been expelled from DNA.